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Luthiers Chris Allen and Sabina Kormylo are hurdy gurdy and lute makers producing a wide variety of stringed instruments including Hurdy-Gurdies, Lutes, Mandolins and Viols. We also undertake repair, adjustment and modification of existing instruments.

Almost all of our instruments are copied from or based upon existing historic instruments. We make close examination of historic examples and pride ourselves on the faithful reproduction of both external and internal detail and design.
The design and construction of bespoke instruments is also undertaken.

We provide a friendly and personal service and are very happy to discuss and accomodate the special musical needs of our customers.
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Hurdy Gurdies
We are Hurdy Gurdy makers producing instruments based on historic examples by Colson, Pimpard, Louvet, Pajot, Nigout and Decante.

We also make a Henry III style 17th century Hurdy Gurdy which is copied from a historic example in the Paris Conservatoire.
Baroque lady playing her Hurdy-Gurdy or Vielle a roue

We make a Symphonie loosely based on historical mediaeval material. Our Symphonie can be supplied in a variety of forms from the original diatonic with one chanterelle and one drone up to fully chromatic over two octaves with two chanterelles, one drone and a trompette.

A variety of stringing options is available to cater for different types of early music and different ensemble sizes and instruments.
Symphonie players from Cantigas de Santa Maria

The Lutes we make are based on historic instruments. We use a Wendelio Venere Alto G made in 1592 which is in the Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna and a Wendelio Venere Descant lute made c1580 which is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna cat# c39.

We also make copies of two early 17th century lutes made in Venice by Magno Tieffenbrucker. The first is an Archlute now in Sammlung Alter Musikinstrumente Vienna cat# 41/8444/c45, the second is a 10 course lute with a 19 rib bowl. We also make a scaled down version of a 16th century lute by Hans Frei to be found in Warwick Castle.
Drawing of original Venere Alto lute c 1580

We manufacture a copy of a Mandolin made by A Vinaccia in Naples in 1772.
Mandolin by A Vinaccia Naples 1772

Historic Instruments
Click above to view some of the historic original instruments that we have used for reference.
Organistrum on Pórtica de la Gloria Santiago de Comostella

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