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Pimpard lute-backed hurdy-gurdy
Lute-backed Hurdy-gurdies after Pimpard and Pajot Fils.
(additional decoration available)
Colson guitar-bodied hurdy-gurdy
Guitar-bodied hurdy-gurdy after Colson.
17th-century hurdy-gurdy, Henri III-type, copy of Paris Conservatoire
17th-century hurdy-gurdy, Henri III-type, copy of Paris Conservatoire.
Colson guitar-bodied hurdy-gurdy, no decoration
As above, only not decorated, but functionally identical.
Copy of 1892 Nigout Hurdy-Gurdy
Copy of original 1892 Nigout from our collection
Aachener Hurdy-Gurdy
Aachener Hurdy-Gurdy

Decorated copy of 1892 Nigout Hurdy-Gurdy
Highly decorated version of above Nigout
Custom Hurdy Gurdy based on a Callot print dated c1623
Callot Hurdy-Gurdy

Custom Hurdy Gurdy based on a luteback Colson, decorated with a cat and mouse theme Custom Designs.
We build hurdy-gurdies to individual customer specification. The body design is usually taken from an historic instrument to ensure good accoustic performance. A wide range of options is available including additional strings, capos, head carving and overall decoration. Prices on application.
Custom Hurdy Gurdy based on a Colson Luteback
Symphonies (mediaeval hurdy-gurdies)
Symphonie. This is really a hurdy-gurdy disguised as a symphonie, as it is fully chromatic over 2 octaves, has 2 chanterelles, 1 bourdon and a trompette. 4 strings in all. 2 capos are fitted as standard.
Symphonie with extended keyboard compass.

Extended Symphonie
Venere descant lute
Descant lute, Venere, 44cm string in C. 6 courses.
Tieffenbrucker Archlute 670 & 1440 strings, 14 courses.
Venere 7-course lute
Venere (Bologna). 60cm string. 7 courses.
8 course Hans Frei Lute
Hans Frei. This is a scaled-down copy of the Warwick Frei, 60cm string, 8 courses.
Venere 7-course lute
Tieffenbrucker lute 61.5cm strings, 10 courses.

Mandolin, copy of the Vinaccia in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Vinaccia mandolin
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